Gardening can be extremely gratifying!  And if you can make a living doing it, that's even better!


We strive to create both and that quest leads us to the subject of "niche" farming. We believe that if you grow something really, really well people will pay more for it.  And, if that something is in big demand, you will propser.


Applying our own philosophy of starting with one thing and making it successfull before adding other products, we came up with a concept called the Micro-Farm. There's a lot more detail to it than what we show here, but if you like the idea and think this is something you would like to do, then contact us to discuss it.  You never know we might make a farmer out of you!!

Micro-Farm Opportunity

The overall purpose of this program is to establish a nation-wide network of small grow farms (Micro-Farms) each servicing their local community.  The marketing model includes local restaurants (B2B) and local residents (B2C).  The Micro-Farms (MFs) will be independently owned and operated under license to ensure quality of product and business prosperity.  The program roles out in 3 phases, each with a significant increase in production and income.

What is a Micro-Farm?


Our definition of a Micro-Farm is a small farming operation producing specialty greens and herbs, specifically micro-herbs (very young, nutrient-dense / flavor-intense, plants having formed their first two leaves - think garnish) that are in high demand for premium prices.


Micro-Herbs have up to 5 times the nutritional value of full grown plants (2012 USDA study) plus very rich flavors and can be used to enrichen soups, salads, fish - meat - pasta dishes and even desserts.


The purpose of this phase is to establish Micro-Farms delivering “live” microgreens to local fine dining and boutique restaurants.


Micro-Farms are designed as an owner/operator operation licensed by Ag-Share, a farming cooperative.  Future expansion phases will require recruitment of assistants who can work with you or take over the grow operation under your direction.


Micro-Farm set-up is accomplished in just a few days with market ready products coming off the line within 7 to 14 days.  Your new farming business is cash-flowing within 6 weeks after start-up.. 


The Micro-Farm requires a minimum of three proprietary, vertical grow systems. Space requirements are a minimum of 750 sq. ft. for start-up and 1,500 sq. ft. or more allowing for future expansion.


Training and support (growing, farm management) is provided by Hydro-Gro Master including on-site sales assistance establishing immediate active accounts.


Phase II and III include adding more high-end product lines and a home delivery consumer model.

Vertical Grow Equipment

Each Micro-Farm package consists of 3 custom designed, proprietary V-SystemsTM each capable of growing up to 96 half-flats (10"x10" grow trays) at a time in just 16 sq. ft. of floor area.  A central reservoir feeds water and nutrients on demand and each system has optional grow lighting - fluourescent (standard) and LED.


V-Systems significantly accelerate plant growth (up to 50%) while reducing labor by as much as 20% or more.  V-Systems come in a variety of configurations and sizes, can be adjusted for NFT, Ebb & Flow and drip watering systems, can be used for micro-herbs, starter plants, micro-hemp, leafy greens, mature plants(basil, mint, etc.) and even fruit and vegetables, making them the most flexible grow systems on the market.


Pictures below will give you some idea of what these systems can do.

Micro-Farm Packages

Micro-Farm package pricing is based on a number of factors including purpose of the farm, size of the local market and income needs of the owner/operator.  Micro-Farms are operated under license to ensure and maintain positive brand recognition and product quality.


Micro-Farma packages include:


  • Grow equipment
  • Installation
  • Grow training
  • Management training
  • Sales assistance
  • Grow supplies
  • Website support
  • Social media marketing
  • Business and brand name usage
  • Ongoing support


Not included in the package is the grow facility and a delivery vehicle.  We recommend a small retail space in a failed or out-of-the-way strip mall, a small office/industrial space, a shop, ganged shippping containers, large garage, etc. The space must be environmentally controlled (heat, a/c and humidity) and provide gentle air movement and a water source and drain is essential.  Once locations are located we recommend providing us with all the details to ensure that they meet ideal grow conditions.


Email us at with your phone number and good times to reach you.  If you know others who might be interested, send them a link to this webpage -


Thank you for taking an interest in this wonderful business!

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