Local food production has never been more important than it is right now. Modern food distribution systems are fragile and offer less nutritious food than locally grown, freshly delivered produce.


All sizes of grow facilities from retro-fitted garages, workshops, shipping containers, trailers and backyard greenhouses to full size commercial operations are now in high demand throughout the world.


Whether just starting out or looking to expand or upgrade an existing farming business, HGM can help plan and design an indoor or greenhouse grow operation to meet local demand.


Farms designed to meet your income and market needs.


Having a "green thumb" is definitely a requisite to becoming a good grower and training provides the guidelines and discipline necessary to become a great grower.


HGM's approach includes full time, hands-on, apprenticeship-style, training covering all aspects of growing, environmental and material management, packaging, production scheduling and successful marketing and sales techniques.


You can now learn in weeks what took us years to perfect.

Farm Packages


Micro-Farms - a term we use to denote the size of the farm and/or a microgreen farm.


Microgreen production, if structured properly, can be a VERY profitable business. This combined with space-saving vertical grow systems, allows for smaller farming operations which can be located in close proximity to their markets.


We design affordable micro-farms designed to effectively service the local market including farm layout, grow systems, environmental controls, hands-on training and ongoing support.

Vegetable & Herb Farms

We design commercial farms of all sizes utilizing vertical NFT, Ebb & Flow, and Aeorponic grow systems.  Our proprietary, vertical grow sytems along with the latest developments in envirnomental controls allow us to make indoor urban farming a viable venture.


No matter the size or the enclosed structure (i.e. greenhouse, warehouse, shop, shipping container, etc.) we can design a farm for maximum output with low labor requirements.


Turnkey starter and upgrade farm packages


Indoor farming, called Controlled Environment Agriculture, requires complex systems and controls and getting it just right is not an overnight process.  In other words the fine-tuning never really ends!


There are many useful tools that can help isolate and identify both growing and system issues before they become problematic.  Another "tool" is called experience and that is what we suppy. We have likely already run into whatever issues you are confronting and can steer you in the right direction to quickly resolve problems and prevent losses.


All of our packages include a number of support functions including:

Preparing and fine-tuning production scheduling

Preparing production, management and marketing policies

Ongoing product monitoring

Advice, updates and troubleshooting


HGM also offers a grow supplies service including certified, non-GMO seeds, preprietary grow media and nutrition to help maintain quality standards and plant yields.


Guidance, Policy and Support

Hydroponic vs Organic

There is no commercially recognized category for hydroponically grown food. Organic produce is grown in soil.  Hydroponic produce is grown in water or a soilless medium such as coconut coir.  Because it is not prone to the various potential infestations resulting from soil-grown food, we simply call it "Beyond Organics!"

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