Meet the Consultants

John McCarthy

John brings years of marketing and managment experience to the art and science of farming.  Add to this an engineering and artistic background supported by a constantly questioning mind and you get the perfect platform for dealing with chefs who live in a world of perfect creations.


John was the original owner of Las Vegas Herbs LLC, a Nevada based greenhouse operation specializing in microgreens production servicing fine dining restaurants in all the top casinos on the Strip.  In the initial start-up stage of the company, John offered trays of "living" microgreens to chefs with the result that it became the farm's hallmark product, which to this day represents about 90% of the farm's sales.


Currently John has launched a new farming opportunity called "Micro-Farms" with a view to devleoping a national network of urban microgreen farms utilizing the successful techniques developed in the Las Vegas Herbs operation.

Svetlana Tsuremicheva

Svetlana, past co-owner and head grower for a Las Vegas Herbs LLC brings the "Midas Touch" to microgreen production. Celebrity chefs from Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, New York New York, Monte Carlo, Aria, Bellagio, Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood, Wynn, Encore and Sun Coast casinos to name a few feature Svetlana's microgreens on their main dishes.


How a PHD in mathematics ended up with a BIG green thumb is a mystery to all but her.  She has mastered the union of plants to specific grow media thus turning out perfect microgreen products.

Bob Davenport (Basil Bob)

Basil Bob has over 25 years of commercial hydroponic growing and is considered an industry leader in hydroponic growing systems. Basil Bob has researched every type of growing system and is thoroughly convinced that he has developed the Ultimate Growing System and formulas for growing culinary herbs, vegetables and greens. 


Basil Bob's most loyal customers were Albertsons, Krogers, and Raleys grocery stores, Belagio Hotel, Mirage Hotel, Ceasars Palace Hotel, MGM Hotel and many more.


Basil Bob is currently working with Dr. William Langridge (a scientist at Loma Linda University) in creating and developing edible vaccines.  Dr. Langridge is so impressed with Basil Bob's growing ability that he wants Basil Bob to grow all the plants for his research.  


Many newspapers and magazines have written articles about Bob's growing facilities. Some of them include Victory Gardens (2005) and Growing Edge (2002).  PBS filmed a documentary on Guy Savoy, Europe's #1 chef, showing Basil Bob's Ultimate Growing System.  This PBS documentary was broadcast in September, 2011.

Olga Tsuremicheva

Olga has over 16 years of marketing and managment experience in the electronics industry with Phillips Electronics servcing retail outlets throughout Crimea in the Ukraine.


Political unrest in Crimea caused much local concern regarding food supply and quality triggering Olga's interest and her first steps into the food production industry. Upon completing extensive research in European and global food production and distribution systems, Olga joined the Hydro-Gro Master consulting group spearheading our consulting efforts in Eastern Europe and Russia.

We are looking to build a global consulting network of professional growers, chefs and marketing individuals to create profitable niche growing opportunities.  Health and population issues are constantly going viral and seriously out-distancing our ability to service. 


Interested?  Please contact us to discuss.

Thank you.

Hydroponic vs Organic

There is no commercially recognized category for hydroponically grown food. Organic produce is grown in soil.  Hydroponic produce is grown in water or a soilless medium such as coconut coir.  Because it is not prone to the various potential infestations resulting from soil-grown food, we simply call it "Beyond Organics!"

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